Saturday, October 31, 2009

There are dozens of ideas about where we are headed over the next three years that lead to 12.21.2012. They mostly boil down to primary paths as we approach the proverbial “Y” in the road. The world comes to a crashing end or we become the sons of god or something akin to homo luminous: that’s a good thing y’all. But, could it be that WE hold the answer to any and all options? Let’s pretend it is so.

Let me borrow a five act scenario from Bruce Lipton in his new book, Spontaneous Evolution.

Bruce divides the historical world into four acts. Act 1 is when the photons of the sun touched earth some five billion years ago. Act 2 brought forth the single cell organism some seven hundred million years ago. Act 3 saw we humans arrive with some form of consciousness a million years ago. Act 4 has we humans forming clans, developing into communities, and beginning to war over what belongs to whom.

So, Bruce asks, “Is there an Act 5″?

The answer is of course dependent upon us. It’s a well-travelled phrase but a valid one for our times nonetheless, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” Will we turn the cradle of civilization (Iraq) into the graveyard of humanity? Isn’t the choice ours? And if there are big things out in the universe that could come our way and do harm, are we not smart enough the know what to do?

The answer for what might be OUT THERE is IN HERE: within us.

We are the answer but a whole lot of dying is going to have to take place before we can come to the place of accepting what the sacrifice(s) are going to be. We are going to have to come to the point where we no longer victimize those who think differently than us. We’re going to have to learn how to get along with those who have different religious and philosophical views. Simply put, we must let other be who they are and not demand that they be as we are.

We is plural, and yet we are singular. Understanding what that means is our salvation.

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