Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Golden Age Of 2012?

Those on the 24/7 treadmill probably don’t feel it; however, for those that have found some space to fill and use it for a time of quiet meditation, you sense it. Things are changing so fast these days that we simply morph from one event, one consciousness, to another without realizing how far down the rabbit hole we have ventured. The digital and technological changes in the last ten years have been off the charts!

There is a death to the old ways. Old engrained habits no longer work, nor suffice.

The birth of the new though is still not recognized. It’s as though the birth canal is holding back and hiding that which will tell us what “this is”. The adherence to old belief systems is making it even harder for some to make the adjustments, squint a bit, and get a better focus on what’s approaching. It’s not the exact date of December 21, 2012, but the era in which we live and the events leading to 12.21.2012!

The computer world is a 1 and 0 world; however, the spiritual world isn’t good-bad, heaven-hell, nor this-that. There is a oneness and a holographic picture coming into focus that will forever change our world. Trying to come up with names and descriptions is too difficult to pin-point. Homo Luminous? Maybe!

More people are being drawn (however slowly that might be) into a more simple lifestyle.

And yet on the other hand, there are so many things that seem more and more complex, even weird. Have you noticed the increased synchronicity? Are you experiencing strange sensations to which there are no logical answers? Are your emotions peaking at times that make no sense? There are a host of descriptors that seem to be precursors to something big.

So, the question is how do you GET READY, or how does one become AWARE of the increasing change in consciousness that just might lead to a GOLDEN AGE?

More than just simplifying your life (which can take a long time for some), you must take chunks of each day for meditation, reflection, and contemplation. Use some of that time for “guided thoughts” and others for just being a blank page waiting for words to be written down. We must increasingly LISTEN and then have the COURAGE to take action on what it is that we have HEARD.

The golden age might be closer than you think. Who needs to wait another three years?

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