Saturday, October 31, 2009


Lines are being drawn between those that SEE the events surrounding December 21, 2012 as catastrophic and those that see it as an exponential change in consciousness. Let me draw an analogy though between the etheric body and the physical body. Everything IS ENERGY! The chicken and egg question doesn’t apply here because matter cannot create energy: energy creates matter. Our etheric body has created our physical form.

But, what’s up with meta-consciousness?

The understanding of consciousness is arguably the central issue in current theorizing about the mind. The working and fluid definition that I have personally arrived for consciousness is as follows. Consciousness is the eternal, timeless, and immaterial essence of all of humanity originating in God, preceding birth and extending beyond death. And? And, we are spirit beings, energy, consciousness.

The word meta can be even more complex than one might envision. I read a book eons ago (1970 something) entitled, Meta Talk by Gerard I. Nierenberg. From that I learned a very valuable principle that has taken my spiritual walk and my interpretation of the Bible to a much deeper level. I have gone from literal to metaphorical and beyond. You see, Nierenberg said that we had to read between the lines and that it’s not what IS SAID but also what IS NOT SAID that brings the more true, and complete meaning.

What were the Mayans saying to us? What were they NOT saying?

In essence, we must go beyond what our five senses tells us. We must even go beyond the sixth sense. What’s the intuitive self revealing, what’s seen in synchronicities (if we’re aware?), what’s the energy fields that we encounter every day, prompting us to understand? This matrix of energy that we live within, this FIELD of vibration, and the nuances of the heart-spirit, are leading us into worlds beyond sight and sound.

We are moving into an expanded consciousness of the true realities behind the form(s).

The Mayans knew far more than we now know, the prophets of old, the medicine men, the witch doctors of indigenous cultures, and the mystics of today are hearing and awakening. Are you one of them? Or are you tied to the natural world of the five senses? It’s one of the most important questions that you could ponder.

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