Monday, November 2, 2009

Is google really your friend?

I just got out of a meeting with a couple of friends. We usually meet up and discuss the situation of the world once a month or so. Today, at our meeting, my friend Josh had a very interesting idea. The internet is starting to grow more and more interconnected. Everything directs to everything. The point is, what if this has something to do with what the Mayans foresaw over a thousand years ago? What if the December 21st, 2012 Apocalypse coincides or is predated by a mass internet rebellion. More specifically, what my friend had in mind was that the most interconnected website on the internet would connect the dots and grow a conscience of it's own. Which website am I talking about? That's right, google.

With millions and millions of websites connected to it, it's starting to look more like a nervous system than a search engine. It's starting to look and act more and more as one entity, one mind. This would coincide with the ancient Mayan prediction of a mass awakening. A very interesting thought, indeed. We should all follow the search engine closely in the near future, the signs are already there.

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