Monday, November 2, 2009

Earth - A Cosmic Experience?

What would we have to talk about if it weren’t for the Mayan calendar and December 21, 2012? How about healthcare, the state of the US$, oil prices, a possible war in the Middle East (when is there not that possibility?), and so on. But, how about a look not at when the Mayan calendar ENDS, but when it BEGINS?

Maybe as interesting as to when the Mayan calendar began is the fact that many calendars began at that same time.

What’s up with so many civilizations and cultures popping up at the same time? Was the world invaded by aliens, seeded by star particles, or visited by the Nephilim as the Bible mentions? Since being accurate to the day isn’t what carbon dating is about or the other methods of determining the age of things, what’s a couple hundred years when considering the earth’s age of some five billion or the universe at something like 13-15 billion years old.

BANG! Did it happen (the BIG one) 13 or 15 billion years ago? :-)

Here’s the question. Is it strange that the Mayan calendar began at 3114BCE and that the Sumerian, Egyptian, and other civilizations appeared about the same time? Is it weird that Stonehenge and other massive megalithic structures date back to this same time? Isn’t it interesting that the Egyptian Phoenix cycle ends in 2012? There are far more commonalities for the 3000-3500BCE “start time” that one could rightly ask, is this whole earth thing some sort of a cosmic experience?

Have been put here on earth for a season and that season ends in 2012; however, a new season starts, whatever that is?

But of course there are other questions to be asked. What about prior to 3000-3500BCE? What about the stories of Atlantis, and Lemuria? Did they not exist or are the theories regarding their cultures wrong? And how old is mankind (with whatever definition you want to give him, or whatever biological labeling)? There are lots of questions. And maybe it’s the question that more important than the answer(s).

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